Tableau Maps - Custom shapes / polygon - Basics

In many situations we would like to draw our own custom shapes on the maps, so that we can report the data more geographically.

To draw custom shapes in Tableau, you have to first understand how the custom shapes works within tableau.

Image-1 : Polygon shapes in Tableau

1. Each shape is a polygon.
2. Each point_id links to a co-ordinate( i.e lattitude,longitude).
3. The point_id value is used to tell tableau the order (or path) in which the polygon has to be drawn.
4. So in the above example SatisticalArea = "area-1" has more than 1 shape and see how the polygon_IDs are different and for each polygon_ID the point_id are in a sequential order.

This how a sample data looks like

Attached is the result from tableau (just has custom shape of few areas)

Here is an working Example - Ven_Custom_Shapes_Example


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